Ladies and gents, we’d like to officially welcome you to the newly formed Silver Crystal Community :) The Silver Crystal Community, which as you know now, is a group run by a number of Moonies who genuinely just want to bring the excitement and sense of camaraderie BACK to Sailor Moon fandom!

As a special treat for YOU GUYS, we will be hosting an online livestream of the Sailor Moon R Movie: Promise of the Rose tomorrow night (Sunday, August 25th) at 9pm EST!!!!

The link will be posted here when the time comes, so make sure you’re here for the fun and excitement!! 

I hope to see you all there :D

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    awe dang I love that movie! but i’m headed out around that time oh well next time but rebloging this for my fellow...
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    We’re gonna start this in about half an hour!!! Hope to see you all there!!
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    Totally going to join in on the livestream! My favourite Sailor Moon movie
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